Did you know that you can eat like a Greek in Dubai too? As I found myself having dinner at Labby’s The Hellenic House, it felt like I never left Greece. As much as I love travelling and learning about new cultures and cuisines, there is one that I will never grow out of and that’s Greek. Who doesn’t agree that a Greek souvlaki or salad will never disappoint you? The two all time classic Greek dishes which you can never have too much of.

Labbys interior restaurant

Located at Cluster J of Jumeirah Lake Towers, this Authentic Greek Restaurant overlooks the lake where you can enjoy the perfect setting in the evening, and when the weather permits, make sure to reserve a table outside.


The whitewashed walls and interiors remind you of a Greek island where simplicity rules, and for a while you can imagine that you are on a summer holiday in Greece.

Labbys interior lighting

Eat like a Greek at Labby’s The Hellenic House

If you have been to Greece you must have witnessed a Greek meal feast, any meal as a matter of fact resembles a feast. If you want to eat like a Greek, then order plenty of dishes and share. Greeks like to share their food, this is part of their eating culture. The Greek hospitality is among the best in the world, mark my words as this is coming from someone who has travelled around.

Table dips and salads

The menu has pretty much everything that you would find in a Greek taverna, from the famous Greek salad, to the Cretan Dakos which is one of my favourite, the renowned tsatziki made out of yogurt, cucumber and garlic as well as other famous appetisers like melitzanosalata which is made out of aubergines.

Cretan Dakos
Melitzanosalata made out of aubergines

No Greek menu is ever complete without the famous Moussaka, topped with a light béchamel sauce baked to perfection.

Moussaka 1
Traditional Greek Moussaka

Remember what we said, to eat like a Greek means that you eat a lot, so as we just finished with some of the appetizers, next come the main dishes. Of course you must try the souvlaki wrapped or as they call them in Greece souvlaki tilihto. Personally this is my favourite and you can choose the kind of meat that you would like as well as the sauce and ingredients.

Chicken gyros wrapped
Chicken gyros wrapped


There is also a choice of grilled meats from Chicken souvlaki, to chicken chops, Greek style burgers (biftekia) and many more. Another authentic Greek dish is the Yiaourtlou Kebab which consists of savory beef and lamb kebabs served with pita bread, chopped onions, yoghurt and tomato sauce.

Yiaourtlou Kebab
Yiaourtlou Kebab, an authentic Greek dish

Top off your Greek meal experience with a traditional dessert. I recommend that you try Loukoumades, a deep fried rolled dough dipped in honey and cinnamon or Nutella.

Loukoumades with honey
Loukoumades with Greek honey

Labbys Hellenic House Dubai-2

Have you tried Greek cuisine? Let us know which is your favorite Greek dish by commenting below!

Labby’s The Hellenic House

Goldcrest views 2 , Shop G01-A , Cluster J, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai

Tel.: +971 4 277 6926


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