On the morning of 2 December 2016 I was invited to a remarkable event, to watch the sunrise from At the Top of Burj Khalifa. The early morning entry to the observations decks on Level 124 and 125 to watch the winter sunrise from the world’s tallest building is something that I recommend to anyone who is up for a lifetime experience.


This indeed was the earliest event that I have ever attended, but by far it was worth the early morning wake up. At 05:30 am I made my way up to the At the Top of Burj Khalifa. I have recently visited the landmark which you can read about here, however this time it was a completely different feeling.


It was still dark and the to my surprise the place was packed with visitors and even families with young children who were excited to welcome the sun.


At approximately 06:24 the first light of the dawn started to appear over Dubai, the city was welcoming a new day. The red-orange rays highlighted the horizon.

Around 06:48 am sunrise over Dubai

At around 06:48 the sun gradually started to rise and I made my way to the Level 125. The calmness of the new day was awe-spiring.


The area was only open to media and turned into a creative playground for photographers. The lighting, the shadows and the overall ambiance created a fantastic setting for creative photography.


at-the-top-of-burj-khalifa-15Winter sunrise in Dubai is magical. The sunrise experience is available every Friday and Saturday morning throughout winter. For an extra special treat sunrise ticket holders can also enjoy a hearty breakfast at The Café until 08:00am.


I stayed up At the Top of Burj Khalifa until about 08:00 am to experience the magic of the new day. I have never enjoyed the sunrise as much as I did on this day.


Watching the city wake up, the  sky change colour and the details of this grand city from above, was beyond what words can describe. This is that kind of moment where you stop, feel and reflect. Moments like these make you feel grateful and alive.



To save time pre-book your tickets for At the Top, Burj Khalifa sunrise experience click here



Tickets can also be purchased from the starting point of the At the Top, Burj Khalifa journey on the Lower Ground Floor of The Dubai Mall.



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Watching the sunrise from Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world

* Passion for Dubai was a guest At the Top of Burj Khalifa. All opinions expressed are our own.


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