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Welcome to Passion for Dubai

Passion for Dubai is a luxury travel blog with great emphasis on the visual trend. It is an original content platform dedicated to the spectacular city of Dubai, featuring experiences of Dubai’s visitors, and residents, engaging them to share their travel or local experience with us and our readers. Passion for Dubai focuses on personal remarkable experiences, images, and journeys, through our “Stories” and “Interviews” sections, that give our site visitors tried-and-true advice for truly the most memorable moments in Dubai.

Passion for Dubai is the next chapter in the ‘Passion for’ vision, that began successfully with Passion for Greece and Passion for Hospitality.

Discover, explore and share remarkable places, activities and things to do in Dubai. We offer personally experienced tips and encourage visitors to also share their own take on Dubai, through our platform! This revolutionizes the online traditional online travel information website mentality by sharing remarkable experiences from visitors, followers and locals. We link travel bloggers, travelers, prospective tourists, residents, locals and business professionals all in one place.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a fresh approach on how travelers and visitors create, organize and consume a cultural experience. Travelers and travel bloggers are and will continue to be our active partners in creating and promoting their personalized product by selecting the information to tailor their own personal cultural experience in Dubai. We are dedicated to featuring meaningful content that will inspire you to visit Dubai and socially share the highlights of your trip and your experiences with your friends and family around the world.


Meet the person behind Passion for Dubai 

Hi my name is Elena Sergeeva and thanks for reading my blog! The Dubai travel blog was started out of a passion for the hotel industry, new trends and world class hospitality. Russian born, I have been based in the Athenian Riviera for over 25 years.

With a Swiss Diploma in Hotel Management from Alpine Centre and a Masters Degree in International Hospitality & Tourism  Leadership from the University of Wales, my greatest passion has always been travel. Having worked in luxury hotels from the age of 18, my career covered everything from Guest Relations, Front Office, and Sales & Marketing. My last corporate job was working for the Swiss Hotel School where I completed my studies, holding the position of Director of Admissions and Career & Placement. During that time I had encouraged many of my students to starting their hospitality careers in Dubai, that’s where the seed for passion for Dubai was planted. Years later I jumped on the train of entrepreneurship and now manage my own boutique blogging agency Blog Smart Agency — with clients ranging from restaurants, hotels, villas, car rental companies and luxury travel designers. 

One of my numerous projects and passions is blogging, I have started travel blogging just a little over seven years ago and this is one of my blogs which you are reading now.

I have also founded a travel bloggers network in Greece, Travel Bloggers Greece and we run a few projects a year to promote mainland Greece and the islands. 

I have been to Dubai too many times, staying for a few weeks each time and I love to share my passion for this exciting city on my blog. I have traveled to 31 countries and spend a big part of the year traveling to new destinations, discovering new cultures, hotels and cuisines. 

I have also been invited as a keynote speaker to several Health Tourism conferences in order to address the subject of storytelling. 

Here’s the list of conferences that I’ve spoken at:

April 2016 – Keynote speaker at the 2nd International Health Tourism Convention held in Athens

May 2016  – Master of Ceremonies at the ILHA’s  first European Luxury Hospitality Summit held in Athens where I also facilitated the discussion on two panel sessions.

October 2016 – Keynote speaker at the second Dubai Health Regulation & Medical Tourism Conference and 11th World Health Tourism Congress, organized by the Dubai Health Authority

February 2017 — Keynote speaker at the Health in Greece Convention held in Athens

February 2017 — Keynote speaker at the Global Healthcare Travel Forum held in Amman, Jordan

Thanks for following my adventures. If you want to connect, just reach out either by email or on social media!