The Atlantis Lost Chambers


I had done my research before arriving in Dubai, and so I knew the Atlantis was a definite stop on my Dubai to-do and to-see list. Therefore I made a day excursion to visit the infamous Atlantis Palm Hotel at the heart of the artificial archipelago Palm Jumeirah, a revolutionary landscaping project that created islands in the form of a Palm, to hold residential units, on the surface of the. ocean! The residential units are primarily luxurious villas and exquisite hotels and resorts that offer a luxurious accommodation experience. However, you do not have to be a guest to enjoy this architectural marvel. The Palm Jumeirah is open for the public if they have an aquatic adventure in mind! The hotel’s design is very particular. I have seen nothing like it (like most buildings in Dubai). It is a pink exotic palace of aquatic wonderment and for good reasons since…