I had done my research before arriving in Dubai, and so I knew the Atlantis was a definite stop on my Dubai to-do and to-see list. Therefore I made a day excursion to visit the infamous Atlantis Palm Hotel at the heart of the artificial archipelago Palm Jumeirah, a revolutionary landscaping project that created islands in the form of a Palm, to hold residential units, on the surface of the. ocean! The residential units are primarily luxurious villas and exquisite hotels and resorts that offer a luxurious accommodation experience. However, you do not have to be a guest to enjoy this architectural marvel. The Palm Jumeirah is open for the public if they have an aquatic adventure in mind! The hotel’s design is very particular. I have seen nothing like it (like most buildings in Dubai). It is a pink exotic palace of aquatic wonderment and for good reasons since it houses some of the most fun activities in Dubai.

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Internally, some walls are hand painted in an aquatic mural style, which further reinforces the marine theme, amazing guests and visitors alike.

Aquariums are in abundance in Dubai, in shopping malls primarily, but here at the Atlantis Palm Hotel the aquatic world is on full display. It is essentially a maze, a labyrinth rather, of what appears to be an underwater chamber full of passageways with marine creatures of tropical origins, fish and animals that you have seen in movies and documentaries perhaps, dancing in their water encasements in a visual celebration of grace and harmony. Species like the black-wedged butterfly fish, anglefish, anthias, basslets, cardinal fish, clown fish, damsel fish, lion fish, groupers, puffer fish, rabbit fish, trigger fish, tang fish, nano fish, seahorses, eels, rays, numerous invertebrates such as octopi, star fish, shrimp, jelly fish, crabs, snails, slugs and many many others. Also tuna, sharks, as well as the most docile of all sea creatures, the playful dolphins housed in the exemplar Dolphin Bay! Don’t miss the chance to experience this incredible connection with these most intelligent animals. I had the opportunity to watch them as they play, dance and frolic in the waters with great energy, grace and speed. Meet them, play with them and even swim alongside or scuba with them at the wonderous Aquaventure Waterpark, also offering many other thrilling activities. Among them is another also highly recommended exciting animal encounter experience.

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At the Aquaventure Waterpark, you get the opportunity to be introduced to the most charming marine mammals, Sea Lions, at Sea Lion Point! There is something about both these types of marine mammals that is simply enchanting. If you have the chance to spend more time than I did you must give yourself the opportunity to see them up, close and personal. It is a connection you will not soon forget.

There are also meet and greets with Cownose Ray, which includes a feeding experience, a Shark lagoon and safari, as well as marine education session for children, or the child in you, making your visit experience really come to life! The park of course also boasts plentiful water slide and river rides for the bravest and for the most adventurous of its guests and visitors.

The Lost Chamber Atlantis

Atlantis The Lost Chambers-18After a fulfilling aquatic experience having visited the Lost Chambers and having watched the marine mammals for a little while, I wanted to just bask in the glorious Dubai sun for a bit and just take in all the colourful and unique visuals I had taken in just now. Outside was exactly what I had imagined; a sandy beach shore and sparkling blue water with a view of the other side of the Palm, far at the horizon. The setting for my ultimate relaxation was a elegantly decorated beach lounge area in white furniture, and green magenta tapestry. Perfect. I enjoyed a refreshing Happy Hour cocktail while kicking back, and feeling carefree.

Atlantis The Lost Chambers-16 Atlantis The Lost Chambers-17Story by: Helen Marie Joyce


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