Located on the most prestigious beach in all of Dubai, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel promises an outstanding hotel experience with its ambience and aura, combining aesthetics with know-how. Jumeirah Beach Hotel is an impressive structure designed in the shape of a wave; it perfectly complements the shape of the Burj Al Arab just opposite it, which is notoriously designed like a sail.


Ocean views

With almost 20 beachside villas and 600 rooms, Jumeirah Beach hotel guarantees unmatched ocean views right from your bed. Furthermore, since it is a beachside resort hotel, it is mostly designed looking over the sea which means that a sea view is not far, whether indoors or outdoors!

Jumeirah Beach Hotel - Beachcomber suite - Master Bedroom
Beachcomber suite – Master Bedroom
Jumeirah Beach Hotel - Beit Al Bahar Two Bedroom Villa Terrace Night Shot
Beit Al Bahar Two Bedroom Villa Terrace

The private beach in front of the hotel invites you talk a walk up and down the marina, taking in the beautiful landscape, and if you prefer the pool, the hotel features 6. Another fantastic feature is the very popular 360° bar, which is located at the end of the hotel’s marina walkway, offering drinks, House music beats, Pan-Asian bar nibbles and of course spectacular views spanning a whole 360 degrees for gazing into the horizon as far as the eye can see.

360° bar Upper Level

Gastronomic choices

Housing a total of over 19 restaurants, bars and cafes, staying at the Jumeirah provides you with ample gastronomic opportunities to indulge your taste palate. You will find Japanese, traditional, continental, Italian, Mediterranean and Asian cuisines to mention a few, as well as an award winning Gastropub throughout the grounds of the Jumeriah Beach hotel. With so much choice of venues you can constantly change your dining scene as some venues are perhaps more of a lunch-time or sundown hot spot due to their beachside location, while others are more formally appropriate for a quality evening dinner dining experience.

Uptown Bar

Carefree leisure

The key advantage of Jumeirah Beach is a carefree stay! Perfect for family holidays, it offers long lazy hours of sun-soaking, beachside and poolside at the same time, while also serving award winning food, as well as having activities available for children via the Kids club service. Guests can also enjoy complimentary access to the Wild Wadi water park. Finally, there is no better way to relax than by visiting the Talise Spa for some pampering.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel - Club Executive Pool 2

Talise Spa

Jumeirah Beach Hotel will impassion you with the following

  •    Ocean view accommodation
  •    Award winning gastronomic venues
  •    6 swimming pools and private beach
  •    Wild Wadi water park free access
  •   Talise Spa at Jumeirah Beach Hotel



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