The Atlantis is best described as a nautical theme 5 star hotel with its design and identity mimicking the lost city of Atlantis. It is truly a beautiful hotel and resort, built in complete harmony with the exclusive Palm Island residential structure in Dubai, perfectly complementing the crown of the Palm. It has a range of guest rooms and suites and offers its guests experience like no other: imagination!
It’s greatest advantage? It offers so many exhilarating water activities that you will have endless choices of how to spend your day!


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Nautical theme

It is designed to remind us of the lost city of Atlantis, with aquariums built into its foundations, featuring the attraction ‘The Lost Chambers’ aquarium experience, where you follow down a maze various aquariums, in all shapes and sizes showcasing exotic fish and creatures. Furthermore, there are one-of-a-kind hand painted ceiling and wall murals of marine sea life, as well as avant-garde art work displayed around the lobby and reception areas, such as sculptures and crafted works that are all inspired by the sea.

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Water Park activities

The Atlantis is designed to keep that smile on your face, permanently! There are numerous water rides and slides, marine animal discovery with dolphins, sea lions, rays and even sharks for the bravest. There are many choices and there are rides suitable for all ages, young or old, if you’re into wet fun, Atlantis will not disappoint you.


Relax after fun

After the fun and games, Atlantis invites you to wind down in its Shuiqi Spa Salon & Fitness centre, where the special treatments will help you to fully relax and refuel your energy ready for another day of excitement.

The Atlantis will impassion you with the following

  •    Nautical theme
  •    Water Adventure Park & water fun activities
  •    Shuiqi Spa Salon & Fitness centre
  •   8 restaurants, 8 kitchen and bar venues

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