Dubai will not only impress you from the ground but it is equally inspiring when you look at the city from the waters just off the coast of the Dubai Marina. During my recent trip to Dubai, I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with VIP Yachts Dubai, cruising on a Regal 2400RX jet boat.

VIP Yachts Dubai Marina -16
With my friend Phil


The setting of the Dubai Marina is highlighted by some of the tallest buildings, no wonder the area is referred to as being the Tallest Block in the World. There is the Princess Tower which is a 101 storey, 413.4 m tall residential-only building and one of the recent additions is the Cayan Tower which is also known as the Infinity Tower  — a project which was completed in 2013. Ranked as the 78th tallest building in the world, this luxury apartment building has a striking helical shape, that turns 90 degrees over the course of its height.

VIP Yachts Dubai Marina -4

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Cayan Tower

You can get a great view of all these skyscrapers as you cruise off from the Dubai Marina and even better as you return.

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VIP Yachts Dubai – luxury charter

VIP Yachts Dubai is the top leader in offering luxury charter services in Dubai. They offer a variety of services for all tastes and budgets. Their fleet consists of yachts that can fit up to 50 people for corporate events and parties on board. The Regal 2400RX jet boat which I got to experience is actually a great way to explore Dubai from the waters of the Persian Gulf, so whether you are looking for a ride or a day trip with family and friends, then this is definitely an alternative way to experience Dubai.

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The jet boat can also be rented for those who wish to engage in water sports activities and as we cruised further out we saw some jet skiers performing their tricks.

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VIP Yachts Dubai Marina -12

We went towards the Burj Al Arab and stopped just a little further out to get the picture perfect shot of the most iconic building in Dubai. As it was getting closer to the evening and it was slightly windy we did not continue further, although you may rent the jet boat for as many hours as you want.


I definitely recommend renting a jet boat if you are looking for a more personalised experience as it allows you to explore the Dubai skyline from a different perspective. Have you been on a jet boat trip in Dubai?

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Dubai Marina

VIP Yachts Dubai Marina -18


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