At last it’s holiday time, a time to pack your bags and get away from it all. You’ll want to relax and indulge yourself, and the sheer prosperity of Dubai will ensure you can do just that. 

For holidaymakers with romance and proposing on their minds, everything possible is available to ensure the bride- and groom-to-be enjoy special days ahead in style.

The Best Places to Propose in Dubai: Pencil these places into your ‘proposal’ diary now

Dubai is filled with stunning destinations for the perfect romantic holiday getaway, so with plenty of romantic spots, where would the best places to propose in Dubai be?  For starters, Dubai’s most recognizable building, the Burj Al Arab Hotel, shaped like a yacht, is already an invitation to romance as it’s indicative of luxury yachts and lazy days sailing the seas. 

Even if you never get to stay in the pricey hotel, you can at least have a photo taken of the two of you. You can splash it across social media and make everyone back home green with envy, not only because you’re in Dubai but because you’ve got a fiance who knows how to delight you and win your heart.  

Dubai is famous for its soaring skyline, but it is also famous for romance, and many couples come to the glitzy United Arab Emirates city to propose and sometimes to impulsively propose and tie the knot in the few short days they have in the city. 

Apart from Burj Al Arab Hotel, we take a look at some of the other spectacular ways and areas you can propose –

Burj Khalifa 

As the tallest building in the world at 829 meters high, the Burj Khalifa looks like a shiny needle pointing to the sky or maybe like some futuristic space ship or rocket. It looks ready to blast you to some secret lover’s destination.

Why not rocket up to the 122nd, 123rd and 124th floors where there is the At.mosphere restaurant as well as indoor and outdoor observation deck?  On New Year’s Eve, you can add real sparks to your proposal by timing it to coincide with the tallest tower’s annual fireworks and laser show?

Atlantis – The Palm 

The truth is, The Palm, the world’s largest artificial islands, has so much to offer, you’ll be forgiven for forgetting what you came for – to propose!  The Atlantis Resort and hotel offers some of the world’s best shops, award-winning restaurants, the Aquaventure Waterpark, helicopter rides and a chance to swim with dolphins.

There are different ways to experience swimming with the dolphins and the dolphin interactions include unlimited access to Aquaventure Waterpark for the entire day. Animal lovers particularly will love including these super intelligent creatures into their proposal, making it extra special.  Each dolphin interaction package includes slide rides, private beach, the wave machine and more. 

Private yacht 

A private, skippered motor yacht cruise on a beautiful day will see you reveling in the conditions that nature has provided. What could be more romantic than a nautical themed proposal? On the yacht, complete with onboard music system, you’ve got time to think and to prepare for how you intend to propose on deck. 

Will it be as you sail along the marina and Arabian Gulf waters? Maybe you want to wait to propose for that special moment when you take a dip in the Marina lagoon or when you’re sipping a drink on deck and enjoying the ocean breeze?

 Dubai Desert

The desert is truly amazing and visiting Dubai isn’t only about shopping and resorts. If you and your partner are outdoorsy types, you’ll find proposing in the Dubai desert an awesome experience. Tour operators have got plenty of thrilling things lined up to do in the desert, from desert safaris to staying overnight in a desert resort and spa in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Maybe you want to choose spending your time in a luxury tented villa complete with shimmering swimming pool and enjoy delights such as sunset camel rides.  

Dinner on the Beach with view of Burj Al Arab 

Events planners have their hands full planning proposal dinners on the beach with splendid views of Burj Al Arab. Designed to resemble the look of a yacht sail, the view of such a luxurious hotel as it glitters in all its glory will awe the two of you. Its entire look changes when you view it from the beach.  

Many romantic couples are inspired by this magical setting. Apart from the excellent setting with fresh seafood prepared on an open fire, it’s the perfect evening, barefoot on the beach, to propose. 

 Love Lake 

You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a little bit of love on the banks of the man-made Love Lake in the Al Qudra oasis in Dubai. The two large heart-shaped lakes are found right in the middle of the desert and even the trees on the one side of the lake are planted in such a way that they spell the word ‘love’. 

Being far away from the city, the hours you spend with your loved one is guaranteed to be blissfully peaceful, and is perfect for some ‘happily ever after’ photographs. 

Hot air balloon ride

With love in the air, a hot air balloon ride is for lovers who don’t want to settle for anything less than the best to make their love known to the world. Proposing in a hot air balloon will surely be an unforgettable occasion. 

Imagine floating over the desert and watching a stunning sunrise as the moment heats up when you propose? There can’t be anything quite as romantic as proposing so high up. There are balloon companies that will provide other delights to enhance the trip such as a lover’s breakfast in a desert oasis. 

Dubai Miracle Garden

There are all kinds of weird and wonderful colors and flowers of every description at Dubai Miracle Garden, and each year from November to May 150 million or so flowers come to bloom to nod their approval at your romantic proposal. What an incredible experience awaits the two of you in this award-winning garden of magical experiences. 

This lush green and colored floral garden makes the ideal setting for a dream proposal. To add to the romantic feel about this spectacular place, it was launched in 2013 on Valentine’s Day. Each year the gardens bring an entirely new design experience to delight the millions of annual visitors who visit its aromatic grounds. 

Dubai Frame

Also known as Berwaz Dubai, the Dubai Frame in Zabeel Park is a huge 150-meters tall structure where 2 towers are joined by a 93-meter bridge at the top. The idea with the frame is to give you splendid views over the old and new of Dubai while also getting fascinating information on Dubai’s amazing transformation to the glittering metropolis it is today. 

While you take in the 360-degree views from the glass panel in the bridge’s center, why not pop the question to your loved one? There is nothing more inspiring that the beauty of your human heart and the beauty of your loved one’s face.

Dubai – sets a romantic mood 

When it comes to the best places to propose in Dubai, you must remember that nothing is set in stone. Dubai is a place of many opportunities and options and all of the above mentioned events and venues can be further enhanced with the likes of sparkling drinks, chandeliers, rose petals scattered across certain areas, romantic background music, balloons, red carpets, bells, cakes – you name it. Experience the pleasure of proposing in Dubai – a place filled with fabulous ideas for such an occasion. From scrumptious eateries to spoil your loved one to stylish boutiques, water features and sunshine, Dubai is the place of choice to celebrate life with your partner. It’s a place that has thought of everything to make your proposal that much more romantic. 



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