Old Dubai


Oil is what pummeled Dubai into the shimmering jewel of a destination it is today. There is so much variety in the old and new parts of Dubai that one can’t even think of fitting it all in on one short getaway.  One has to essentially live in Dubai and still there won’t be enough time to see and do all you want.  It is mind-boggling when you realize that the opulent and glitzy emirate state with its soaring skyscrapers, its water parks and gigantic shopping malls was once just a small dusty fishing settlement, but that is part of its charm – it’s rags to riches story.  Discover the Top Things to Do in Old Dubai The city’s creek gets a makeover In 1959 Dubai started becoming a major trading hub, with millions of dollars being lent to the Sheik Rashid to renovate the city’s creek so it could…