Joaquim Gonsalves


An aspiring Actor from Mumbai, India, Joaquim Gonsalves’ love for ‘Creation’ saw the light of day when he turned 24 and he’s never looked back ever since. He has played an active role in a few short films for the independent crew, ZylinderMeisters. He has also acted in a play and some well received short films in the UAE. Besides his acting pursuits, Joaquim is an avid motorcyclist, audiophile, screenwriter and a gadget lover. Having tried his hand at many streams of entrepreneurship since his birthday in 2011, he knew he wanted to do something alongside his thespian dreams. Recent interactions with some key people in his life brought forth clarity in his goals. This came about through the art of photography and as such the tagline – Photography Helps Focus. We sat down with Joaquim to speak about his career and how Dubai continues to inspire his creativity. Tell us…