Dubai in the summer


While Dubai is a top travel destination for many explorers, the summer weather there is no joke. It’s hot, dry, and temperatures reach up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Even the sea can reach up to 99 degrees and humidity often averages over 90 percent. However you don’t need to be discouraged. If you have your heart set on visiting Dubai for your summer vacay, we’ve helped put together a little list of ways you can enjoy yourself and beat the heat. Here are a few tips we’ve picked up from the locals: 10 Fun Things to Do in Dubai in the Summer (To Avoid the Heat) 1)Visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo You’ve probably seen pictures of the Dubai Aquarium in your Instagram feed. It’s nothing short of incredible. The million-liter aquarium is home to thousands of aquatic animals and 140 unique species. As the largest suspended aquarium in…