Sami Maameri is currently working in the green building industry, helping to push the boundaries of sustainable housing. He enjoys doing sports of all kinds. Next winter season in Dubai he wants to take part in his first triathlon. Sami sat down with Passion for Dubai to share his Dubai secrets.


PFD: You grew up in Greece and studied in London, was it difficult for you to adjust moving to Dubai?

SM: Not really. Been moving around my whole life. Am used to living in cities also. My family lives here too, and had already visited lots of times so was pretty easy to settle in. There is lots to keep busy with here as well. Sports clubs, beaches, bars, restaurants, clubs and other group activities so it is easy to keep busy if you want to.


PFD: If someone is visiting Dubai for the first time, what do you recommend them to see and do?

SM: Go to see the Burj Khalifa and Lake – it is a must to see the worlds tallest building, and the Lake is pretty impressive too. Go drive around the Palm Jumeirah also – its pretty cool driving on a man made island the shape of the palm.

The Burj-Khalifa
The Dubai Fountain rises in a choreographed sequence of water, light, and music.
The Dubai Fountain rises in a choreographed sequence of water, light, and music.
PFD:Where is the best view in Dubai and why?

SM: There are so many good views around here. Whether its central Dubai, or around the Marina or Palm. Go to The Observatory, a bar on the 52nd floor of the Marriott hotel in JBR, for epic views of the Palm.


PFD: Where would you get the best local experience and what would that be?

SM: Go horse riding somewhere. The locals here love horses, so get a lesson or two to meet some locals and have some fun riding. The stables are usually a bit further out of the city so you get to see where some of the locals live, as well a bit more of a natural area, and even some farms.

 horse riding dubai

PFD: Name your three favourite restaurants?

SM: The Lime Tree Cafe – good vibes

Public Cafe  – greek cafe in Dubai, run by greeks, and serves Frappes exactly like the ones in Greece. Amazing!


Dukkan Falafel – Fast food falafel place that serves amazing falafel sandwiches


PFD: Are there any similarities between Greece and Dubai?


SM: There are beaches. Not as nice as Greek beaches though, obviously! There is lots of sun, all year round though!


PFD: What’s Dubai’s best kept secret? 

SM: There is an area where lots of alternative and artsy stuff goes on. Theatre, music and art shows all packed in and around an area known as Alserkal Avenue in Al Quoz. Also, Kite Beach. Amazing beach, with volleyball courts, a skatepark, running tracks and paddle boards!


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